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Empowering Students
on Their Educational Journey

Pothik is the bridge to your dreams and aspirations. Connect with experienced mentors who guide you on your journey. Whether you're a high school student aspiring for greatness or a college-bound scholar, we're here to help you flourish.

Explore our diverse mentorship programs

Discover our selection below to guide and nurture your educational journey.

SSC (Science Group)

For aspiring scientists and engineers, our mentors, with backgrounds in physics, chemistry, and biology, will pave the way to success.

HSC (Science)

Students pursuing higher secondary studies in science can benefit from mentors experienced in advanced mathematics and laboratory sciences.

HSC (Business Studies)

Mentors specializing in economics, commerce, and business administration provide guidance to future entrepreneurs and business leaders.

HSC (Humanities)

Our mentors, experts in literature, history, and the arts, support humanities students in their academic journey.

UG Admission (Engineering)

For those aspiring to enter the engineering field, our mentors with engineering backgrounds will help you secure your seat in a top-tier institution.

UG Admission (Varsity)

Our mentors are ready to guide you through the rigorous process of undergraduate admission into various disciplines across universities.

Govt. Medical College Admission

For future doctors, our mentors who have succeeded in the medical field will assist you in securing admission to government medical colleges.

Mental Health Support (Higher Secondary)

Coping with academic stress at the higher secondary level? We offer guidance on mental well-being.

Mental Health Support (Undergraduate)

Learn how to manage academic stress in your undergraduate journey through our mental health support.